Tips to Increase Holiday Sales This Festive Season

The holiday shopping time is the busiest season for businesses of all kinds.

Online companies, whether small brands or big corporate powerhouses, rely on occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to start off the ultimate sales season. The only difficulty is that these shopping days are essential to more than just your company. Your competitors are doing the same. Thus, digital marketing Virginia Beach firms suggest brands prepare for the holiday season in advance.

How can you ensure that your eCommerce shop succeeds? Use these methods to boost your Christmas online shopping revenues.

  1. Improve Your E-commerce Website’s Conversion Rates

With so much Christmas shopping taking place online, your eCommerce platform must be running optimally. Minor testing on your site should be performed throughout the year to ensure top performance over the holidays.

Consider it like training. You’ve been working hard all year to build an operational powerhouse that will pay off over Christmas.

  1. Make your site mobile-friendly.

As per eMarketer, mobile commerce revenues will total $360 billion by 2021. That figure is predicted to nearly treble to $710 billion by 2025.

With so many customers accessing your business via mobile devices, your store must be optimized for both desktop and mobile browsing.

Here are some mobile optimization tips:

  • Run a Google Mobile-Friendly assessment and implement the recommended changes.
  • Based on the buyer’s geolocation, personalize delivery estimates and product availability.
  • Use the above-the-fold space to highlight the best offers.
  • To boost website performance, enable dynamic page serving.
  • Pop-ups and sidebars should be avoided for mobile users since they increase friction.
  • To avoid errors, pre-fill customer information at checkout.
  • Allow guests to send their shopping lists in order to complete their purchases on the desktop.
  • Add support for digital wallets to expedite the checkout process.
  1. Offer Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) finance, which allows consumers to pay for their goods in installments with no interest or penalties as long as they complete their payments on time, is a crucial instrument for Christmas retail sales this year.

Brands can target a younger market with new payment options like Affirm, who may not have been able to buy using standard financing options like credit cards and the related worries about interest charges, extra costs, and revolving credit. As a result, for firms aiming to capitalize on the holidays, providing BNPL tools is a necessity.

Not only do today’s buyers appreciate the ability to use several payment methods, but shops may profit from offering “as low as 0% APR deals” using Affirm as a strategy to attract new business over the holidays.

Learn more about how Affirm may help your company improve sales this holiday season.

  1. Improve your pop-ups, forms, and website message.

During annual content re-optimization, site micro-copy – button names, call-to-actions, surveys, and pop-ups — is frequently forgotten. But why is that? These minor changes to Virginia Beach IT companies websites can provide a sense of joy and encourage conversions.

During the Christmas season, most eCommerce shop owners are only able to perform a few A/B tests to optimize every cranny of their website. So pick your priorities:

Pop-ups and banners on the website

Make your regular pop-ups more seasonal. Change the colors, message, and value proposition to better complement the seasonal campaign. However, don’t go overboard and bury your usual brand voice behind the seasonal marketing craziness, or you risk alienating certain customers.

Forms for billing and shipping

These forms are by far the most prone to errors and frequently confuse customers. Make everyone’s job easy by:

  • Filling in the blanks for returning clients.
  • The shipping address is being validated automatically.
  • A drop-down option for house numbers based on zip code is provided.
  • Service notifications concerning shipment timeframes and potential delays are displayed.
  • Including tooltips in required fields that may cause misunderstanding.
  • Adding more microcopy to describe what information you want.
  1. On-page CTAs

The most difficult to optimize are call-to-actions. A few weeks before the campaign’s premiere, try trying different versions. To accomplish this:

Add a hotspot tool to your website and sales pages to see which areas attract users’ attention.

Make multiple CTA versions for various components. Create more descriptive button text, such as “ask pricing” instead of “request quotation.” Change the product descriptions as well. Increase the number of product characteristics, inject more character into your content, or experiment with new eCommerce copywriting methods.

Perform several A/B tests to evaluate the efficacy of new and old components. Scale what works for you. Remove what doesn’t work.…

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